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Jungle Music Classes

Jungle Music classes are divided into three age categories:

Jungle Babies – 6 months to 18 months
In Jungle Babies, movements and interactions are guided by the parent. Your baby will learn and experience the concepts through you and your interaction with him.

Jungle Tots – 18 months to 21/2 years
As your child makes the transition from baby to toddler, they become more independent. In Jungle Tots, parents move into the role of support person, encouraging and helping their child as needed.

Jungle Friends – 21/2 years to 31/2 years
Now your child is beginning to use language skills to socialise and manage their responses. He is gaining more control of body co-ordination and movement. Parents now move into a partner role, sharing the experience with the child. There is greater emphasis on fine motor control and pre-reading activities.

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Jungle Music Classes
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