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What happens at a Jungle Music Class?

Your Jungle Music class will feature a curriculum of diverse sensory-based activities, which include:

  • Circle games with the parachute and rainbow ring;
  • Directed creative movement;
  • Singing;
  • Circle dances;
  • Playing individual percussion instruments;
  • Group play on the beautiful big gathering drum;
  • Lap rides;
  • Finger plays;
  • Peekaboo games;

To maximise the overall sensory experience, Jungle Music employs a range of classroom teaching materials including:

  • silk parachute;
  • rainbow ring;
  • peekaboo bags;
  • coloured scarves;
  • a wide variety of percussion instruments;
  • puppets;
  • felt pieces; and
  • soft animal toys.

During the class, social skills such as sharing, taking turns and putting things away are introduced and encouraged.

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