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The benefits of music

While every child can enjoy, learn and grow through music, there is increasing evidence to show that active participation in musical activities can actually alter the anatomy of the brain. Researchers believe that early musical experiences intensify the development of the “synapses” or interconnections between brain cells, enhancing a child’s ability to think, learn, reason and create via faster, more efficient transmission of brain signals.

For music to have this profound effect on your child, they must physically engage in musical activities ... it’s not enough for your child just to listen to music. They need to take part – to feel, make, hear and memorize sounds and patterns; to sing, clap dance and remember movements.

The Jungle Music programme exposes your child to a rich sensory-based experience where they can participate and enjoy a range of activities.

Jungle Music will teach you how to use music as a tool to aid your parenting. Music can be an effective way to settle a crying baby, to help children with transition and to overcome resistance to new and unfamiliar experiences. Jungle Music's songs and quirky actions equip parents with a useful "bag of tricks" for when boredom sets in – in a shopping queue, in the car or whenever young minds need to be kept amused.

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